My name is pronounced Joya Caminada. I have more than fifteen years of experience in Learning and Development and in the promotion of cultural diversity. 

I love empowering people and organisations to work collaboratively, identify and make the most out of what makes them different, and create a fairer world.

I specialise in:


I facilitate participative planning and co-creation sessions that bring different stakeholders together in order to evaluate projects and products, design new solutions or test ideas. Past collaborations include the EU agency SALTO (Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities) Cultural Diversity and Jesuit Missions. See some examples here.


I lead tailor made workshops on subjects such as active listening, intercultural communication and inclusive practices. I have worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, including children, young people and vulnerable individuals. See some examples here.


I carry out research and create informative, educational and promotional content about themes ranging from cultural diversity, to social justice and how to work collaboratively. Past collaborations include the International Organisation for Migration and the University of London. See some examples here.


I am a qualified teacher of Italian as a foreign language and love to enable learners to become more confident about their communication skills. I have designed the training modules ‘Italiano Senza Paura’ (Italian without Fear) to enable learners to improve both emotional awareness and Italian language skills, and make them more confident communicators. Recent collaborations include the Italian Cultural Institute and the University of Venice. Learn more about Italian without Fear here.

Learn more about me here.


‘Gioia is approachable, open minded and creative, pragmatic and highly organised at the same time. Her writing skills are outstanding. I strongly recommend her.’

Amy White, Senior Project Manager, British Council, London

‘I worked with Gioia on several projects. Her insightful contributions, verbal skills and ability to draw from the expertise of team members in order to design projects and draw strategic plans would be an asset to any organisation.’

Julian Filochowski, Chair, Archbishop Romero Trust, London

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